About the Book

Do your retirement plans include skiing and snowboarding during the weekdays and not just the weekends?  Snow-cat and helicopter rides in search of bottomless powder?

Investment and retirement educational lessons through the goggles of your instructor Tom Miller to help you gain insights into simple but effective retirement planning and consistent investment strategies for enhancing and protecting your wealth so that you can maximize your time on the slopes.

Using his own experience as a skier and snowboarder author Tom Miller used use a familiar lingo such as green circle emergency liquid funds, blue square conservative and moderate savings, black diamond aggressive investing, and double black diamond personal pension designs so that you can gain an understating of the world of investing as he reveals retirement income planning and passive income generating techniques for pre-retirees and the importance of wills, trusts, and legacy planning for retirees.

Trail Map to Retirement Planning: A Snowboarder and Skier’s Guide to Investment Strategies offers practical guides and twelve easy steps including:

  • How to Balance Risk and Reward by Preparing for a Potential Stock Market or Economy Crash
  • Planning for Inflation, Forced Early Retirement, and How Long You’ll Be Retired
  • The Building Blocks of Your Retirement and Investment Strategy
  • The Magic of Compound Interest & Diversifying Your Accounts
  • Finding Dependable Income to Fund Your Retirement Lifestyle
  • Retirement Account Tax Rules: Real Solutions to Minimize Taxes
  • What Should You Invest In? Investment Strategies for All Levels
  • Why Do You Want Low Fees?
  • What Do You Want Your Money to Do After You Pass Away?
  • Why You and Your Family Need a Long-Term Care and End of Life Plan and the Power of Wills and Trusts.
  • Considerations when Selecting a Financial Professional and Finding a Trusted Advisor
  • How to Prepare and Protect Your Future

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About Tom

Born and raised in the small town ski resort mountain community of Summit County Colorado, Tom Miller is a world class investor, business professional, snowboarder, competitive pinball player, entrepreneur and author of “Trail Map to Retirement: Your Journey to Endless Powder Days” a snowboarder and skiers guide to retirement planning.

Miller studied Small Business at Ft. Lewis College in Durango Colorado and Mesa State College in Grand Junction Colorado and has been working with Centaurus Financial since 2007.

Miller has a varied skill set from a variety of experiences. He has owned and operated a plethora of small businesses, including landscape maintenance and a sports film company.  Before his career in the financial services industry, he built management experience directing 100+ employees at a food delivery service.

Miller has filmed and appeared on many national and international sports and television networks including ESPN, ESPN 2, Fox Sports Net, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, RSN, RSNX, and Altitude. He feels fortunate to have coached and advised many professional and Olympic athletes.

Mentored by experts including his father in the professions of retirement income planning, wealth preservation and enhancement, and investment strategies, Miller has devoted his life to being the shepherd  and caretaker of his clients, friends, and their families financial well being during his career as the Chief Financial Officer of Peak One Financial Services.

“At an early age I had experienced the joys and struggles of early retirement.  The success of my business allowed me to work for 4 months during the summer months to enjoy the remaining 8 months of the year on the slopes coaching and training and competing in snowboarding.

I sold my business at the age of 21 to join the professional freestyle snowboard tour but my athletic career only lasted 5 years as it was cut short by injury. Although I felt forced to retire earlier than planned, I had already gained extensive knowledge and experience in the world of business and finance and decided to empower others to create the financial success they deserve.”

With a formal background in the areas of investments, life and long term care insurance, self employed retirement accounts such as Roth, SEP, SIMPLE, and traditional IRA’s and annuities, as well as employer sponsored plans that include 401k’s 403B, 401a, and 457 plans, Miller has taught retirement planning class and investment strategy courses at community college campuses as well as universities around the state of Colorado since 2007.

In 2013 Miller partnered with his father Bruce to launch Peak One Financial Services an independent investment firm.

“I help individuals and families improve their lives and create positive priceless memories through a process of setting investment goals, designing plans, and selecting investments so that they may achieve those goals in the shortest amount of time yet in the most efficient, cost effective and safest (risk reducing) ways possible.”