About PinPin Films

Story of PinPin Snowboard and Pinball film producer Tom Miller known in the online snowboard and pinball communities by his screen name Trailer Tom

I (Tom Miller aka Trailer Tom) began PinPin Films with a group of my friends because we knew that the snowboarding tricks and jibs we were doing were innovative, cutting edge, and trend setting, and we wanted to open the eyes and minds of those that were into snowboarding and more specifically snowboard films, to reveal the possibilities and push the limits of what could be done on a snowboard a camera and some editing software.

When we began in the year 1999 we wanted to watch films about the fascinating major league Pinball scene and simply could not find anything available to feed our hunger. We knew we had to introduce the world what was happening inside this sport, and unveil the amazing ability level and interesting personalities of the top pinball pros.

We also knew that we wanted to present this footage we spent years capturing, in an artistic way that had never been done before.

We assembled a team of talented professionals that had some amazing inspirations in common. We all loved riding our snowboards in the fresh powder of the worlds pristine mountains, we loved playing pinball to get the high score. We enjoyed creative film editing and producing process and meeting people that share our excitement for the sports of snowboarding and pinball along the way.  We love traveling to the biggest pinball tournaments in the land and interviewing the best players. We love exploring the endless backcountry on our snowmobiles to find powder stashes and good places to build colossal jumps, and we LOVE taking our video camera with us on our adventures.

In the PinPin Films you will see myself as well as the snowboard industry’s finest. Snowboarders like Brent Meyer, Chad Otterstrom, Steve Fisher, J.J. Thomas, Jeff Meyer, Ryan Knapton, Nate Dogggg, and Matt Peterson, Cris Blattner, Jake Blattner, David Kubicka, Reed Silberman, Jake Weber, Pat Milbery, Jason Landry, and many more.


You will witness Pinball legends like Keith Elwin, Donavan Stepp, Bowen Kerins, Neil Shatz, Rick Stetta, and Koi Morris, Dan Gutchess, Ffej Knar, Cayle George, Lyman Sheats, and Mateo Leyba.

WOMEN snowboarders like Isabelle Lalive, Jacqui Berg, Robyn Borneman! Top FEMALE pinball pro’s like Jasmijn De Jong, Molly Atkinson (pinball molly), Zoe Vrabel, and Penni Epstein… I definitely wouldn’t have been able to create films like this one without all of them.

This group of my close friends and I, got together and decided we would capture, on video, the most spectacular and memorable times in snowboarding and pinball possible and then share it all in the form of films. What started off as fun videography, turned into an amazing boarding and pinball film series.