Deadly Venom Snow Snakes

Every pro snowboarder falls. When these guys fall, they fall hard. This film contains the worlds most insane snowboard crashes. Strap yourself in for this rapid fire fast paced smash crash bash!

Insane snowboarders flying down the hill at over 50 miles per hour and slamming into ice, rocks, metal rails, dirt, buildings, stairs, other snowboarders and of of course snow.

Featuring the top highlights of the most massive crashes that we ever experienced. This film will keep you on your toes. You have to see this film if you like crashes. It has wrecks from snowboard contests where snowboarders are pushing their own limits too far in a desperate attempt to win it big.

You will feel the impact of the hardest hits, hear the slams of those death gap attempts where the rider comes up short, and see the results of the worst possible timing for an edge catch.

Remember our crew has performed multiple very successful stunts, but some of those stunts were not so successful. When the good stunts went bad, we were there to capture those times on film too. This video has over 100 clips of snowboarders eating it big time. This is not one of those videos like you see on TV that shows the same clip over and over in slow motion.

Don’t worry there is no lame narrator talking about each clip.

I’m talking non stop, hair raising, over the top destruction. This video is fast paced. This is a collection of the wildest smashes and wipeouts that were the most spectacular smashes and wipeouts we compiled over a 15 year time period filming this seriously deadly sport. . Watch the mayhem unfold during the most intense heart stopping moments that shake the earth. This video runs for over 20 minutes in length!

Runtime: 21 minutes & 11 seconds
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